Template Website Design vs. Custom Website Design

There are two basic ways of building a website:

By using a template.
By hiring a designer to make a custom design.

You can find minuses and pluses to each method, and it’s important to comprehend them and that means you can choose the choice that’s going to best meet your business’s needs and budget.


There are many choices for folks who wish to build their own websites. Among the most typical is to create a WordPress site and then apply a template – called a style, which gives the website its functionality and appearance. Sites such as ThemeForest and Elegant Themes give a library of styles people can buy and connect with their sites to accomplish a certain look or provide cool features.

Another option for do-it-yourselfers is by using an ongoing service such as Wix or Squarespace. These services include hosting generally, e-commerce and email as well as the styles they offer. Some ongoing services can be found for free, while some charge a regular monthly fee.

Whether you apply a style to a WordPress work or website through a site-building service, a style can help you to get a site up efficiently pretty, although there’s definitely a learning curve and if you would like to find yourself in more technical features such as forms or e-commerce, there may be limitations on your options that exist.

Something to notice: Many styles have built-in features and functionality you will possibly not use and eventually may consider your website down. Additionally you may need to endure features or designs that don’t fit your business or brand, or pay you to definitely change it.

Another minus to utilizing a theme: If you or another person changes the fundamental coding, it becomes impossible or difficult to revise the theme if updates are released. What began in an effort to get a niche site up quickly can finish up taking additional time and money to get what you would like.


Custom web page design involves finding a website design company to do the heavy lifting for you. An excellent website design company will create an innovative program with you to discover more about your specific business and customers, and exactly how you want your site to work. They’ll consider SEO guidelines and learn the type of ROI you’re looking for from your site. You’ll have the ability to control the procedure and get custom features included in the look to make it possible for your administrator to control the website.

Because custom web page design includes more than the way the website looks simply, it might appear like the process takes a little longer at the outset. However , it can save amount of time in the long term because your web page design partner ensures your site will precisely what you want it to do.

You’ll have to decide whether you would rather spend your time figuring out how to make your website behave the way you want it to, or have experts take care of it while you focus on running and building your business. Designing a website is often much more work than people realize, and it can get complicated quickly. Templates can work for bare-bones organizations that just need a website to function as a business card, without complex features. But , most companies should consider custom website design.

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