Ways to Improve your website design

By November 2, 2014 Web Design No Comments

1. Go Responsive

The fact is nearly everyone with a smart phone is now accessing the internet on a regular basis. Shopping decisions are often considered with a quick search through Google. If your website is not responsive it may be hurting your business in more ways than one. You will lose a potential customer simply by the means of not being able to provide a sufficient environment to navigate smoothly through your website. In this case the end user will quickly click ‘back’ and move to the next available competitor. In this scenario not only will you lose business but you will also increase your website’s ‘bounce rate’. If this variable is too high search engines will lower your content relevancy in correlation to the search result it appears within. When this happens your listing will fall further and further away from the top of Google’s top search results. In summary – you are hurting your business by not upgrading your website design to be responsive.

2. Replace your Flash 

If you went through the trouble of creating beautiful flash animations you may be seriously disappointed by this tip. As technology has evolved trends have emerged that have moved away from the use of ‘Flash’ design in relation to web design. There are four major reasons for this shift.

  • Security – Flash has a history of major security issues. Since it is a closed executed program it is much easier for malicious users to attach your computer.
  • Compatibility – Certain mobile devices such as the apple iPhone will not showcase Flash.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Search engine spiders do not have the ability to branch through flash content due to its closed platform. Due to this nature Flash does not have the means to be search engine optimized.
  • Load Up Speeds – Flash normally is size intensive causing higher than needed load up speeds.


3. Fresh Content 

Search engines like Google are becoming better and better at indexing content. With social media as a dominant online force the means on creating fresh content for your website has become a very commodity. A steady flow of information can contribute to a steady flow of free marketing and visibility along with a positive means of growing your SEO platform. With fresh content you open the doors for other websites to link back to you creating valuable back links that will drive your website forward.

4. Switch to WordPress

WordPress is now in the lead when it comes to website design content management systems. With millions of people using its technology it holds a strong progressive development platform for future upgrades and SEO compatibility.

5. Upgrade your hosting

Most users today have a need for speed. When your website is bogged down by slow hosting you will often find a correlated bounce rate. The reason for this is simple – people just don’t like waiting to receive their content. With mobile use now a dominant access point this becomes even more important as mobile technology tends to have much slower load up speeds than cable internet access points.

6. Showcase a direct call to action

Your website is an all encompassing showcase that has the sole purpose to direct a person to an action. This action is normally to have the end user communicate with your business via a phone call or to fill out a form. Having your contact information on your contact page just isn’t enough. The best means to attain optimum results is by showcasing your call to action throughout your website. Strategies include placing a small contact form on your main page, placing your phone number in your top menu or footer.

7. Upgrade your design

If you’ve recently searched for your business online you may want to check in on your competition. There is a good chance they may have updated their design. It is important now to put yourself in the position of the end user and ask yourself a simple question – “Does your website reflect the face of success within your industry compared to my competitors. If the answer is NO it’s time for an upgrade.