If you’ve recently updated your website to WordPress you may already be familiar with the powerful tools this platform offers. There are a number of technology integration and plugins that really help to streamline your business marketing in a manor that saves you time and money. In this article I will help to introduce the possibilities of utilizing your technology in a manor that will help build your business and steadily increase your income.

1. The importance of your Blog

There are a few factors in which a blog can dramatically help build momentum with your business. By offering a steady stream of information your blog has the ability to become a top of mind information source for viewers. By integrating your blog with social auto-post technology you will be one step ahead of the game. The process works like this:

  1. You post a blog / news article to your website
  2. Your website automatically posts your blog to your top social media site pages
  3. Using programs like Hootsuite you may even take this a step further by posting to numerous related social groups
  4. Your website has the ability to automatically send emails to those who subscribe to your blog
  5. You can enjoy your day doing what you do best since your automated process has now saved you some serious time.

These links that shoot out all over the internet do one major thing – They plant hooks back to your website. The more people that return to your website the higher the potential you will have to gain rank on search engines and it creates a means to attain great customers through brand retention. A blog, if done correctly, will position you as a leader in your industry. People will turn to you and your information for educated resources to make buying decisions. Once in that position you will be able to easily help and influence buyers into making decisions.

Extending your blog into Adwords: There is a means to remarket to your viewers through social networks and across display networks. Once a person has shown interest in your product or service you may integrate a targeted ad campaign that has the ability to follow your customer across the internet. It will then appear as though you are a business with a major marketing budget. In actuality you are a smart business with precision marketing techniques.

Ping your blogs: There is technology available that will allow your blogs to be spread across the internet to websites interested in featuring your links on their websites. Though there are great wordpress plugins that can do this – is a prime example of a website that offers this service.