The 4 Major Risks Every Business Faces When Hiring a Web Developer


1. I have a website but my business is going nowhere

Some people think that achieving success online comes in a simple model –
Build a website + Attract a lot of targeted traffic = Success
The scary truth is that if you’re one of these people, you may already be on your way to losing a lot of  money. The problem all businesses face is that the same model normally looks more realistically like this…

Build a website + PAY FOR targeted traffic + Convert 1-2% = Lose money!

(WHY? This system fails to deploy proven marketing strategies that help to increase conversions up to 30% )

If your website fails to deliver on required goals you will find yourself out valuable time and money.

Worse, you may be forced to start over from scratch with less money in your pocket.

Your website is your 24 hour business storefront. A successfully developed website with a strong marketing system will be more fit to attaining a profitable ROI. The key focus should not be to attain a working website but to attain a holistic marketing machine that will pay for your website over and over again.

To achieve success it is important to communicate your goals with your web development team. You may be surprised to find out that marketing your business starts within the development stage of your web design. If your designer only focuses on web development – it would be of extreme value to initiate
communications with a web marketing specialist prior to moving forward. I highly recommend finding a team that can develop a unified plan of action. With a proper team you will deflect any communication issues you may face working with 2 or more parties.

2. My web designers aren’t marketing specialists

As you can tell sales marketing strategy & web technology go hand in hand. This being said using the wrong person for the job is like paying a mechanic to do heart surgery. It’s just bound to get messy.

Trying to find a professional service that caters to both web design & marketing is more challenging than you may think. Freelance designers do what they do best – They design “pretty” websites. At the end of the day you may end up with a beautiful site but you may find yourself equally disappointed with the functional
results. The problem is that the average web designer has little understanding on building business. Of course you could find another specialist but that will cost extra money and will surely incur further development costs.

A properly designed website needs to be marketable from the get go. This means strategic systems put into place to attain proper leads and sales. A “pretty” site doesn’t cut it anymore. As your competition increases the need for strong marketing tactics steadily rises. With even the best looking website, most
businesses won’t have a fighting chance unless they adopt specific strategies to attract clients, retain leads and ultimately convert sales.

Online marketing specialists tend to charge more for developing custom sales funnels. This is normally due to their personalized and custom approach. In the end it is worth the extra investment to see that your needs are met. Working with a team that is willing to help you develop new and innovative sales methods will help take your business to new heights.

3. I’m experiencing a slow production & low quality web development
Freelancers can only manage so many projects at any given time. When expenses incur they must make the decision to raise their prices or take on extra work. To remain competitive freelancers normally bite off more work than they can chew which only elongates their production time. Even worse some designers have figured this out and play the numbers game of whipping out low quality websites like hotcakes. On top of production time freelancers must also spread their workload further to fill the role of sales and management to keep their business going.

Where does this leave you? Deserted with a hole in their pocket and eventually, after months of waiting, you find yourself the proud owner of a non-functional website. The only person with a smile on their face is the designer that just robbed you.

A professional agency with a large team of developers can offer extended room to take on many more clients. This helps developer’s focus specifically on producing quality work that serves both parties.

4 . I’ve lost complete control over my property rights

Many developers will hold your website hostage. They charge for image and content updates, maintenance fees, you name it and there’s a price tag attached. Here’s what they’re not telling you.

Nearly all websites now are created on Web 2.0 technology which are connected to easy to update content management systems. These systems will allow your team to update your website with ease completely free of charge. There are a lot of incredible tools at your fingertips that with the right guidance & consulting can help increase your business dramatically.

Conclusion: Is your website built to ‘Attract, Retain & Convert Sales’? 

In conclusion there is a big difference between a good looking website and a website that utilizes a strong and effective marketing system. If you’re not using the right tools for the right job, every second that goes by is time & money down the drain. The good news is that there are proven methods & strategies that work well for nearly any industry. These are the same strategies being used by professional online marketing companies around the world today. These tactics work to fulfill the necessary requirements to attract, retain & convert prospects into sales.