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You are looking to attract more patrons to your restaurant

DIGITAL MARKETING SOLUTION: One of the best ways to attract more people to your restaurant through digital marketing is by identifying their search habits. Lets look at some juicy statistics.

  • It is estimated that 2,000,000,000 ( 2 billion) users world wide will have smart phones by 2016
  • 94% of smartphone users have looked for local information
  • 90% have taken action as a result
  • Smartphone users : 75% access restaurant info on the go
    Over 50% of this activity happening in a car
  • People average 2 hours and 57 minutes on smartphone daily time spend (Surpassing TV)
  • Each day 16% of daily smartphone user time spend is social networking (Under talking 26% &  texting 20%)
  • Each day  14% of daily smartphone user time spend is visiting websites

This tells restaurant owners that they need to achieve a number of goals to remain competitive:

  1. Restaurants need to be submitted to ‘Google Business Listing
  2. Restaurant needs to reach top 10 in major search engines
  3. Restaurant websites become Mobile / Smart Phone compatible ‘Responsive Design’

trip-adGoogle holds 90% of global online search market share as of 2015. When conducting a broad search for restaurants on Google you will notice that restaurant websites aren’t the only results that come up. Review websites such as Tripadvisor have taken the lead as a top result and trusted source for identifying value for new patrons.

Check for yourself :: Google Search Keyword ‘Restaurants’ – Click Here

Results will vary given your geolocation but it’s evident that restaurants are no longer simply competing for Google Rank. The tides have shifted to make reviews one of the largest factors in the decision making for new patrons. So the question now becomes : How do you ensure that your restaurant is listed as a top go-to destination?

It’s really all in being able to attain positive reviews. There are many marketing tactics that can be thought up in the interest of attaining more reviews. You must however ensure to play by the rules that these networks deem fit – otherwise harsh penalties may be applied to your efforts. Tripadvisor for example does not permit proposing incentives to patrons in connection to submitting reviews. Ideas like giveaways simply go out the window.

[Click to view Tripadvisor’s Policy]

Marketing Strategy Examples

Restaurant Marketing StrategyThere is a strategy however that can be easily implemented in your team to help ensure your ranks will rise. This is done through proposing incentives to your staff for positive reviews. Train your staff to hand out a simple ‘Review us on Tripadvisor’ card to patrons who are expressing strong gratitude for excellent service. Encourage your team to express to your patrons that the simple act of leaving a personalized review would mean the world to them. Your patrons will see this as a special way of saying thank you and in turn your restaurant will steadily rise to the surface of the list.

When reviews are received take notice. Make sure to publicly show gratitude to your staff for a job well done. Post positive reviews in a high traffic place in the kitchen or in your newsletter. Upon receiving a number of great reviews in connection to a team member it is suggested to offer a gift as a means of saying thank you. IE: gift certificate to your restaurant, day at the spa

One strategy that is well adopted within Tropical Resorts is to offer a monthly incentive. This is done in the form of offering a gift (ex: day at the spa) for the staff member with the most positive reviews at the end of the month.

This simple but effective strategy will ensure that your staff offers amazing service to your patrons while becoming a powerful part of your overall online marketing strategy.

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