Responsive web design in Toronto

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25% of Internet Users only access the internet via their mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile viewing there is a good chance that a quarter of your potential traffic will not be able to efficiently access your website content.

Optimized Responsive websites allow for easy reading and navigation with a minimum resizing, panning and scrolling. In the birth of mobile web technology programmers had to identify which device was being used by the end user. Once identified the user was normally then forwarded to a separate mobile website. This ‘separate’ website made updating a persons website nearly double the work. Now with responsive technology you can have only one set of content that form fits to any medium.

Key Features of Responsive Design

Flexible Grids
Flexible Content
Flexible Animations

Unlike isolated mobile websites, responsive design adapts the layout to the viewing environment by using fluid, promotion-based grids and flexible images.

Reasons to Switch to Responsive Design

Desktop internet users

2009:  1.4 Billion
2015: 1.6 Billion

Mobile Internet Users

2009: 800 Million
2015: 1.9 Billion

Growing Trends

A comscore survey indicated that smartphone users check their devices over 150x daily. Growing trends now indicate that mobile users will surpass desktop users before the end of 2014

  • 46% of mobile users report having problems viewing a static site
  • 44% claim that navigation was troublesome on smaller devices
  • 69% of tablet users have shopped via their tablet in the last 30 days

How can your visitors respond to you if your website does not respond to them? 

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