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The 4 Major Risks Every Business Faces When Hiring a Web Developer

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1. I have a website but my business is going nowhere Some people think that achieving success online comes in a simple model – Build a website + Attract a lot of targeted traffic = Success The scary truth is that if you’re one of these people, you may already be on your way to losing a lot of  money. The problem all businesses face is that the same model normally looks more realistically like this… Build a website + PAY FOR targeted traffic + Convert 1-2% = Lose money! (WHY? This system fails to deploy proven marketing strategies that...
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Ways to Improve your website design

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1. Go Responsive The fact is nearly everyone with a smart phone is now accessing the internet on a regular basis. Shopping decisions are often considered with a quick search through Google. If your website is not responsive it may be hurting your business in more ways than one. You will lose a potential customer simply by the means of not being able to provide a sufficient environment to navigate smoothly through your website. In this case the end user will quickly click ‘back’ and move to the next available competitor. In this scenario not only will you lose business but you will also increase your website’s…

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